Steam Engines & Caves “Gorgeous VA”


What do I and How do I break free from what I have been doing so far!

And This, got answered with a quick jaunt to West Virginia,.. for the 19th and 20th of October,.

Couple of things hits my mind: How to do make sure my wife likes what am about to show her, by taking her to these place,..

I started off my search Googling by turning the photos and for my fortune,. Google started showing up Luray Caves and The gorgeous Cass Rail road Scenic state park,.. and am here to share few pictures with you to help your trip if in future,.

Couple of Picture links:

Cass Rail Road Scenic State Park, situated at 242 Main St Cass, WV 24927

You need max of 6 Hours to explore Luray Caverns,. Like

– Get ticket standing in line
– Enjoy the guided tour
– Take picture to your satisfaction
– Come out of your Tour and have easy time with family to your own packed food at picnic tables and etc.

Luray Caves, situated at 101 Cave Hill Rd Luray, VA 22835

Few things to remember:

  • Best time to Visit Fall colors: September last week or October 1st week. Provided Cass or West Virginia (forest region) should not have received heavy rain or speedy winds.
  • Ensure you reserve a whole day to spend at Cass rail road scenic state park and choose to opt for Bald Knob ride,. You will get the max out of your experience.

I have shared a video on same so that you get a bite of the experience yourself.

I got appreciate the whole Cass Rail Road Scenic State park team for maintaining the Steam engines in such incredible amazing working condition. Good Job Cass Rail road team.

White Sands, Alamogordo



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Alamogordo, New Mexico sharp 8:49am at a Hotel, conversation between Rishi and Hotel Receptionist goes

rIsHI – could you please extend my stay for another day in here please
Hotel receptionist – Sure sir, Can I have your credit card.

rIsHI –Sure. So how far is White Sands monument?
Hotel receptionist – Its just 2 miles away down sir and the moment you see white bed at the bottom on mountains you see over there,. you reach white sands,.. Let me say that you are visiting an amassing place, I swear.

rIsHI –well thanks, Sweet and thanks. Am from Texas and am here for my personal vacation and I like places like these than visiting Las Vegas or New York,. LOLz,..Take care
Hotel receptionist: you too sir,. travel safe.

rIsHI – Am not Sir, call me rIsHI or rD.

I started my car with DeadMau5 electronic music on with my friend in the co-driver seat and headed to white sands.

Wow, I said to myself, what an amazing place for me have travelled 675 miles just to see this place from Oklahama City to Alamogordo just to see white sands. Below is how the map looks like, trail of our drive.

I was speechless when I entered the white dunes drives paying 3 dollars (that’s all for hiking or driving car inside sand dunes on the 14miles car trail) at the gate with beaming out a sweet smile to the guardian at gate,. I started sensing That I have come to that place where Romain Duris, Evangeline Lilly had appeared in white sands where Evangeline would be capturing the picture of a cacti flower blooming at night.

I have shared few pictures of same. Things like, I had to see snow was transformed into magical white sands at New Mexico and best part was that when I was returning back to Dallas on my way while crossing the mountain ranges of Carlsbad, New Mexico, I saw even snow and ice on mountains.

First, my picture favorite Hidimbaaaa,.. Hidimbaaaa

Missile range – guarded region

White Sands Visitor centre

Sand dunes drive path and stop by places

Zone rD

Barbeque place and camping

Drive on sand buddy!

Silent parking – DeadMau5 – Electronic music  was resonating around the dunes.

Cool sky

That’s me covering face – It was so bright even with cooling goggles on, I could stare at sand dunes – it was hell white,..

That’s my friend DON walk straight ahead of dunes – exploring dunes,. I could hardly hear him that away.

Open classroom for science study. Wish my work office was like this

White sands – This white it is really.

Our resting hood

White, White, White,….

New Mexico Skying resort stop over

Skying trolley

Alamogordo mountain ranges

Texas, farm lands

Way back home to Dallas

End of day when I reached Dallas, I had already got a self assured confident answer that I had falsified my American friends as they all mentioned that traveling to New Mexico to see white sands was a crazy step of risking life. Well I would say if we do that we not enjoying out life of earth, and White Sands is damn sure a whitish heaven on earth.

Wish I would work in a small town like Alamogordo, I need no Dallas, I need no New York or Las vegas.

Take care.


the “BLUE SIN SYNDROME” turns you BLUE



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As the world heads toward its evolution of getting more advanced and advanced for a human species to live and survive on earth, One day the almightily god looking at the suffering people and the helpless state of people not being justified and punished for the SIN they commit, the so called GOD (energy responsible for birth, dead and existing of life on earth) decides to control somehow to punish the people who have committed sins to a weirdest syndrome ever discovered by human kind on earth a neurological defective syndrome called “BLUE SIN SYNDROME” and ensures people who commit SIN in a relative way are not spared by getting infected with it, no excuse, no mercy.

how rD Blue SIN syndrome works

Every living being on earth will be affect especially humans like –

Doctors /Teachers, merchants/ judges, politicians/ Journalists, drivers /cobblers, carpenters/ day care people, garbage disposers/ Ph.D researchers, Gate keepers/astronauts, customer service agents/bank officers, hookers/parents, police/thieves, pilots/tortilla makers, artists/patients, Presidents/golf players. Everyone and anyone, who so ever who would commit a sin which is not forgivable.
May be it could be GOD or even set of Human neurology doctors who would want to bring in revolution in genetics field of science and create a mutant syndrome called “BLUE SIN SYNDROME” or “rD SYNDROME”.

Design principle of BLUE SIN SYNDROME

Whenever a person commits a SIN in a relative way which will conflict with other people’s interests or life then, the syndrome gets activated within one’s body and the body color of the person turns into BLUE, no matter the person would try to defending it. No cure for it.
The SIN syndrome works with a complex humanitarian neurological manipulation of brain cells which in turn commands the human skin to change its color to blue.

It works in 3 stages:
1st stage – “ADMONITORY” stage
This occurs as warning message to reproach their self deeds to the person who has committed the sin – This happens when the person commits a crime and claims for not have committed the SIN. God warn the person who has committed sin by turning their body color to blue for day or so. The body color turns blue for a day and disappears.

(Exception thought by smart people: what if person affected by syndrome goes for vacation to spend his or her infection days in resort and come back clear of blue color and think they are waived off by the syndrome. Never, sorry syndrome infection is smart enough, since the syndrome is design by god it ensures that person gets attention of people around that the person has committed SIN (heighted sense of regret fullness) and person infected won’t have a opportunity where in, either they need to get rid of committing future SINs or get turned completely into BLUE till they die)

2nd stage – “FIXED” stage
A person gets into this stage if a person does not comply with “ADMONITORY” stage as given above and commits further sins and continues to claim or pretend for not have committed any sin atoll. When a person gets into this stage, we call the person is “FIXED”. Once the body color changes to BLUE, there is no way they can go back to their original body color. But, there is an exception and that’s the “REVERT-CONTRARY” stage.

3rd stage – “REVERT-CONTRARY” stage
This stage occurs by the decision out of the complex neurological calculation that’s designed by god where in the body color may or may not turn to normality based on the deeds the person would carry out to cover up the SINs they have committed. No prayers at church or mosque, no tender coconuts at temples will do the job of changing color. Pretty simple do relatively good things to people and your body color would change back to normal.

Life cycle of rD BLUE SIn Syndrome

The syndrome acts on the skin commanded by the brain cells, turning human body skin and everything into blue color, no matter what! For example: a person eyeballs, skin, tongue and etc will turn blue for the SIN the person has committed in relative way conflicting another person.

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What you want, What you need, What you’ve come here for?



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Censor my A*S, not the Internet, I say!

Hello,.. Hello,.. What!!

What am I talking about,.. well hold on,..What if one day you logon to internet and look out, And you look out for what you need and what you want (let it be a baby’s ryhm, music, information, news, videos and etc) and Internet computers says,. Well, Sorry Dude, what ever you are looking for is copyright protected, we can’t share the information,.. and I say – WORD TO YOUR MOTHER! YOU INTERNET

Looks like our elite congress men are getting dogmatic about the fact that their beans won’t fry any more or be brewed by anyone if they grew dirty beans the way they are trying to get the SOPA and PIPA act sold to world.

It’s better the committee formed by the dramatic and tricky circle of non open share supportive copyright and other bureaucratic individuals who are trying to make future money by getting in this act (well, enforcing), are forgetting that the world would stop with no digital bits running between cables or systems if they stop copyrights or whatever said in SOPA and PIPA.

My advice to elite members of congress – If you really want to bring in some better things to world then why not invest your time in stopping the drug trafficking on borders of Mexico and US or Stop the Drug Mafia supply chain from other satellite countries to US or something like that. Do something the world and this generation needs. Not something that would gain confidence of your election campaign fueling bureaucratic heads that would transfer money to their accounts to arrange their future election campaigns or something. Or please go dig some oil well in Arctic and Antarctic Circle and get frozen over there being unnoticed. By the way want to know who would ever come with this kind a super brain idea to roll out an act like SOPA or PIPA. They should be actually born in next era after 2012. May be companies like bribed Congress and we have another set of gang like Google and Open share social networking community like millions of open sharing social media owners came seeking people to support them to fight against PIPA and SOPA, every one making to prove their point,..

Do something meaningful – like advising government not to form new committee eating up healthy citizen’s tax and wealth to fuel the lazy and bureaucratic mass heads lying out there doing all these passing of silly bills like SOPA and PIPA.

I liked the support from every corner of world protesting the act like from youtube – World with out voice (Not to forget a day may come where GOOGLE-YOUTUBE WILL UPDATE THEIR POLICY AND SAY, MYSELF “THE YOUTUBE” WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONTENT HOSTED IN MY SITE,. ANY USER WHO HAS ANY CONTENT HOSTED UNDER MY DOMAIN SHOULD OWN THE RESPONSIBILITY), by saying so Google’s YOUTUBE would save its argument.

All these thing shows to world that the so called intellectual heads are heading “follow the circus animal” path. Doesn’t these silly things flashes to heads of our so called elite brain elected by all of us, Pity them.

All these traction around coming with unimaginable law acts petrifies my thoughts saying – the so called intellectual heads are heading “circus animal way”. Circus animals won’t do much than entertaining people who pay them for entertaining them. Circus animals, you know what I am saying, ha. Reason being Circus animals are free like us till they are hired for circus, once they are in the circus territory then have to get along whatever the boss who runs shows has to say. Well, maybe not even Circus animals, kind a cute looking little foxes. Doesn’t these silly things flashes to heads of our so called elite brainy people elected by us. Till they get elected they remain like us and once they are in upper house they starts playing the Circus Animal trick, why? I don’t know, all I know is to Pity them.

Anyways world would end soon, may be this year according to Mayan Calendar, as people says “it’s time to wind up when people minds go crazy beyond correctable sanity level, world ends so is the human race”

Till then – One word to world and my friends out there – It very much true that we cannot change the world and we cannot succeed in changing whole world as such, but we shouldn’t give up and so is me. I guess this is how we as a normal citizen can bring in a change. WIki said “Imagine a day with out knowledge”

Till then keep sharing. Internet is owned by no one’s dad or mother. We are part of it. If you want to stop copyright then its better you un-plug your internet cable chord from your LAN that connects you to read this piece of note on internet and start hypnotizing yourself saying “what a circus animal I elected” lolz

I personally appreciate wordpress to get us the banner text like below “awesome”

End of day if some one blocks people to connect with each other waving big boards of SOPA and PIPA,..well they are actually going against “CROWD ACCELERATED INNOVATION” and they would be left un-attended. They won’t survive. And Google or Facebook will save their ass by updating their policy. Would Facebook stop publishing you tube links or Grooveshark link, NO , they wouldn’t because this is why they got famous,.. Every one worries about their ass and innocent people get hit,..


Is the government closing eye seeing all the sad things happening in nation? Every day there are so many lives of young kids being crucified and tarnished in the name of human trafficking.

  • Why government not strict enough to enforce laws to stop the drug traffickers and others.
  • Why are the governments allowing the back-page kind of websites to allow people to allow human trafficking to run explicitly?
  • If Government is aware of these human trafficking to run openly, then we want US governments to stop.

I have seen programs like: 15 Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking running under but despite this program these trafficking doesn’t stop, as people continue to support the human trafficking.



  • There are more than 10 young people being bullied by human trafficking across Michigan several places like Novi, Livonia, Dearborn.
  • My friend (undisclosed) would like to reveal that I have indirectly followed and interview few people in the area and found that there are people who have lost their homes, friends and families at age of 16.
  • There are children who are being taken away from schooling and are being submitted into these human trafficking acts.

Just to be open, I don’t want to disclose my friends name but, based on vigilante work and his research there are people so called pimps or other smaller associations utilizing young girls/women to earn money for their living.

Thousands of young people are being kidnapped every day based on many articles.

The solution:

In simple words, Government in combination with state government should stop and really question websites like Back page and escorts services to stop hosting these ads and bring awareness to people who do human trafficking.